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Rest & Digest Herbal Tea (Seva Ayurveda)


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The Holy Quintuplet of Digestive herbs & Spices this proprietary blend helps your body absorb nutrients from your food and increase your digestive fire.

Ingredients: Cumin, Coriander, Fennel, Ginger, Cardamom

Ayurveda has been using this powerhouse 5 spice blend for digestion and not only for everyday use and prevention but help to heal issues at the root. The most common reported digestive symptoms are gas, bloating, indigestion, and abdominal discomfort. When these symptoms occur, even (and especially) if it’s subtle, it is vital not to ignore them for long term health.

These 5 spices in particular have been used for thousands of years with repeated success. Read my full article here.

  1. Fennel
  2. Cumin
  3. Coriander
  4. Cardamom
  5. Ginger

Digestive Benefits:

  1. Increases bile flow
  2. Supports Pancreatic enzymatic activity
  3. Boosts small intestine enzymatic activity
  4. Decreases gas & bloating
  5. Improves fat & sugar metabolism
  6. Promotes optimal weight
  7. Supports healthy microbiome
  8. Increases healthy growth rate of beneficial bacteria
  9. Stimulates digestive organs
  10. Quickens intestinal transit time supporting health elimination


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