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Veda Roast Herbal Tea (Seva Ayurveda)


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Ayurvedic Coffee Alternative. Proprietary blend to cure your coffee craving! Cleansing and adaptogenic herbs that also provide clean, sustainable energy.

All Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients: Roasted Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Chicory, Ashwagandha, Cinnamon, Maca, Eleuthro, Star Anise


Whether you are looking for something to replace your beloved coffee all together or just the second cup, this is the thing for you!

Roasted Dandelion, Chicory, & Milk Thistle not only give this blend a yummy roasted flavor, it helps to detoxify the liver. Then we have the adaptogens of Ashwagandha (ayurvedic junior ginseng), Eleuthro (ginseng), & Maca. These will give you a clean, energetic boost as well as nourish and fortify your nervous system, whereas coffee depletes it.

Finally, combined with some tasty notes of cinnamon and star anise, it is a roasted, palate pleasing, coffee craving fix!

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