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Premium Ayurvedic Products for an Evolutionary Lifestyle

MoreLife Market products Promote Evolutionary Living

Our intention is to offer premium online Ayurvedic products that promote an optimum level lifestyle, including profound physical wellness based on the Ayurvedic science of Tri-dosha (vata, pitta and kapha) to invigorate your yoga practice, deepen meditation and promote longevity. The concept of evolutionary living is founded on happiness as the true measure of success. I like to say, “health and happiness are the new rich”.

Live Ayurveda, Practice Yoga, and let the Divine take care of the rest.

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      Muscles, Bones and Nerves Body Oil (Mahanarayan Oil) "Pain Free Body oil”)


      Pranify (Nasya oil) “Awaken the Channels of Illumination”


      Lakshmi Body Oil (Chandanadi Oil) Hair Beauty & Skin Radiance


      Vata Body Oil (“Grounding, Calming & Balancing”)


      Maha Rishi Jam (“For Vitality, Immunity and Longevity”)


      Yoga Body Oil (“Strength, Flexibility & Healing”)


      Tri-Dosha Oil (Dhanvantaram Oil)


      Veda Detox (For weight loss and detoxification)


      Sadhu Soma (Calming, relaxing, improves sleep and meditation)


      Pitta Body Oil (“Soothing, Cooling & Purifying”)


      Yogi Chai


      Kapha Body Oil (“Stimulating, Cleansing & Enlightening”)


      Jaima (Women general health and hormonal balance)


      Yoga Body Protein Powder


      Skin Enhance


      Ojas Immunity Tea


      Joint Enhance


      Heart Enhance


      Golden Milk Latte


      Castor Oil


      Yoga Body (“Enhancing Yoga Practice & Recovery”)


      Prana Enhancer (“The Super Body Tonic”)


      Sama Digest (For healthy and balanced digestion)